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Our Top 5 Tips For A Safari in Zimbabwe

We often get asked what would be our 5 top tips for a Safari in Zimbabwe, so I decided to share with you the things we think are the most important.

ONE: One of the most versatile items of clothing that I always take on safari is a sarong or light scarf, it is light and small enough to put in your day pack so it always at hand.  This you can use to cover yourself with if cold in the back of a land rover, wet it and drape over your neck and shoulders if you are hot or use to protect yourself from the sun.

TWO: A good, small bright torch, as you will need this walking to and from your rooms at night, camps sometimes provide these but it never hurts to be prepared.  A head torch is also very useful, leaving your hands free, but it is not essential.

THREE: Binoculars are often considered a non essential but I disagree.  For you to fully enjoy your safari, binos come in very handy for both the day time and the night time drives, and allow you to study the animals you have travelled so far to see.  There is nothing worse than five people in a land drover trying to share one pair of binos while there is exciting action happening that only one person at a time can see.

FOUR:  A good camera that is dust proof, lightweight with a durable case.  It is inevitable for it to get banged or dropped at some stage on your trip, so ensure that it is well protected.  Ensure that you have at least two batteries or change of batteries, and rechargeable is the best as you can leave one charging while you are out on a drive.   Also don’t forget to bring enough memories cards so you can fit all your holiday images, you don’t want to be having to delete images halfway through your trip.

FIVE: If you are using charter flights, ensure that you have checked and comply with their luggage weight and size restrictions, most of them are very strict and not much leeway is given.   They usually also require a soft bag and not the firm cases allowed on the international flights.

We hope this helps make packing for your next safari a little easier!

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