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Highlights of Zimbabwe

The purpose of my blogs are to give you a taste of what is on offer around our beautiful Zimbabwe, the diversity and choice, and to encourage you to come and experience the country for yourself.  We are always delighted when we discover yet another area that offers unusual flora, fauna, interests or activities.  I have decided to do a mini summary of the main areas with photos to show you the overwhelming beauty we have here.  It is by no means conclusive, it is only to show you the diversity on offer in our little Zimbabwe.  Starting from Mana Pools National Park in the north of the country moving clockwise around Zimbabwe, you can see the many different habitats, animals and climates found in the different areas.  If you would like any more information about one or all of these, please get hold of us.  We are always excited to share Zimbabwe with you.

Mana Pools National Park, famous for its open flood plains and Faidherbia Albidia forests kissing the banks of the great Zambezi River before it makes its way into Mozambique and the Indian Ocean.   The herds of elephants and buffalo, the beautiful walking areas and wealth of animals waiting to be discovered.

Umfurudzi Safari Area is located about an hour from Harare, and provides unsupervised walking and mountain biking trails around this rocky area.  Both camps are located along the Mazowe River providing a wonderful calming view over its waters, with a good selection of plains game to find.

The Eastern Highlands is made up of a few different areas, Nyanga, Bvumba, Honde Valley and Chimanimani.  They are all mountainous, lush forested areas, and a stark contrast to say Hwange or Mana.  They don’t hold the game viewing appeal but for active visitors who enjoy biking, walking, fishing or birding, these areas are ideal and never disappoint.

Gonerazhou National Park is a large area in the south of the country that seems to have a bit of everything.  Best known for the Chilojo Cliffs and the Save and Runde Rivers, which create a stunning vista with the surrounding hills and kopjes providing postcard views.  But moving away from this iconic area provides wonderful areas that hold so much game and always something to surprise you, be it an area that looks like you are in Mana Pools or a herd of a hundred elephants!  Due to its diverse ecosystems, the birdlife here is incredible, a must for any enthusiastic twitcher!

Kyle Recreational Park is a small area situated around a lake, with unusual game and beautiful scenery.  It is one of the smaller game areas in the country but provides the perfect place to stay when visiting the Great Zimbabwe Ruins.  These ruins are impressive to say the least and were the capital of Zimbabwe during the late iron age, with construction beginning in the 11th century by the Shona people of the area as a royal palace for the local king.  It is dripping with history and culture, with enthusiastic guides to explain your way round.

Matobo National Park is the resting place of the discoverer Cecil John Rhodes, who travelled the continent of Africa, discovering its many hidden gems.  This area derives its beauty from the huge granite boulders, piled up reaching for the sky.  They look like they have been balanced precariously by giants, and create interesting images.  This park also boosts having both Black and White Rhinos, where you can walk with the Park Scouts to track and see them on foot.

Then of course Hwange National Park, the largest in Zimbabwe with its open, almost flat landscape home to herds of buffalo, elephant and impala, a huge amount of bird life and great choice on places to stay.  Also being so close to Victoria Falls makes it very accessible.

Victoria Falls, the seventh wonder of the natural world doesn’t need much introduction, with a growing town to provide all sorts of adrenaline activities, the Zambezi National Park within a half hours drive, delicious restaurants and cafes, game excursions and a huge wealth of history, it is a must for any first time visitors to Zimbabwe.

And lastly, for this blog, the Matusadonna National Park set on the shores of Lake Kariba, with the relaxing option of house boating around the Lake to view the game, or spending your holiday fishing for the infamous Tiger Fish.  There are also camp options on the shoreline if the boat doesn’t appeal to you.  The open shorelines offer great game viewing and the variety of birdlife is astounding.

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