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Safari In Kenya

So beginning of March 2022, I decided to go up to East Africa to see what safaris are like up there, Needless to say, I was very impressed. The main aim of the trip was to look at a few different properties and see a few wildlife hotspots. I traveled over 1600km by road and …

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The Spotted Panther

These creatures are by far the most exciting to see in the bush, usually because they are so elusive and you feel sooooo lucky to have spotted one when you do.  Surprisingly their rosette spotted coats, ensure they are almost invisible in the dappled shade of the trees, with only a few sharp pair of …

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Beginning of the Season

There is excitement in the air here at home this week, as the beginning of the guiding season approaches.  Bush clothes are taken out of storage, washed and mended, camera memory cards are cleared and formatted in anticipation of the thousands of new experiences that will be captured in their place.  The rifle has been …

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A Night Predator

The Verreaux’s Eagle Owl is the largest owl in tropical Africa, weighing in at about 3kgs, and boasts being the fourth heaviest owl in the world (source Wikipedia).  This large owl is found inhabiting savanna woodland and riverine acacia in most countries in Southern Africa.  It is a pale grey bird, with bold black brackets …

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A Waterproof Frog

Have you ever come across a mass of foam clinging to a branch or rock over hanging a body of water and wondered what an earth it was?  I remember first seeing this strange thing in Hwange during the rains, and asking the guides at the camp what it was. We often used to get …

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Red Velvet Mites

These very unusual creatures are known as Red Velvet Mites, are arachnids, belonging to the family Trombidiidae.  They look like little red velvet cushions running along the ground, with the hairs on their bodies acting like tiny feelers.  The species found in Zimbabwe have adults that measure between 1 and 1.5mm.  They are predatory creatures …

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