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A great start to the season!

Sean’s guiding season has now started for 2018 and what a start it has been!!  The last 2 weeks have been spent in the amazing Hwange National Park where he has seen some incredible sightings. First off a mother lion and her 3 cubs sitting under the shade of a Leadwood.  Like all youngsters they squirmed and climbed on her, and chewed her ear, then her tail until she had enough.  She gave the closest cub a huge lick, knocking it onto its back as if to say “Enough!!” and then they all slowly wandered off.

Another unusual sighting was seen in a shallow pan, rounding the corner of the dusty road, there was a Male Ostrich sitting in the water!  He must have been really hot in the midday sun, and decided that the water looked very inviting.  He was there for about 5 mins, before fluffing up his feathers and stepping gracefully out of the water. Another quick shake to rid his feathers of the excess water and he looked refreshed as he sauntered off into the savanna landscape.

And just this morning, while on a transfer to main camp, Sean and his guests came upon a stand off between a Leopard and a troop of Baboons.  There was a huge shouting match going on as the Baboons swore and cursed the leopard who had clearly chosen the wrong troop to mess with.  Baboons and Leopards are arch enemies, with the Baboons being a favourite meal for the spotty cat.  But this bunch of apes was not having any of it and but after an hour or so of standing their ground, they got bored and moved off, leaving the Leopard to some peace and quiet.

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